Cast your eye over the RCN election manifesto before you vote on 8 June

The general election is as much about the future of the NHS as it about Brexit. You may be feeling swayed by the offers, promises or threats from one political party, or frustrated with the tone of debate, and undecided on where to put your cross. But, as the RCN says in its manifesto, all nursing counts – so make your opinions heard.

The manifesto calls on all election candidates to pledge support for ‘improving patient care, valuing nursing and investing in health and social care’.

‘Investing now can help prevent ill health from developing in the first place'

RCN manifesto

The call for investment is particularly pertinent for nurses working in community, primary care and public health settings where well-being is central and the understanding of the need to prevent ill-health at the core of service provision.

Investment levels in health and social care services are a political choice, as is tackling the health inequalities that exist across the UK.

As the RCN manifesto says: ‘Investing now can help prevent ill health from developing in the first place. This is better for people’s quality of life and generates economic savings in the longer term. We need sustained investment in community and public health services, including supporting the growth of the nursing workforce such as district and community nurses, health visitors and school nurses’.

Let’s hope your local candidates have heard this message. There is still time to make sure they have.

View the RCN manifesto here

A superb example of how innovative preventative healthcare was presented by the Superdrug sponsored RCNi Community Nursing Award winner Anne Thomas. Based in a hospital outpatient’s department, she has transformed health education for men of all ages and backgrounds in rural Wales.

One of the judges said of Anne, ‘she shows how community hospitals can be leaders in their community, demonstrating a community development approach.’