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What to say to help patients see incontinence need not be inevitable

Encouraging individuals to open up about continence can be life-changing for them

New approach needed to stop HIV

Guaranteed public health funding is needed for the UK to reach a zero HIV infections target

Ready to deliver on urgent treatment centres

NHS England's changes to emergency care services aim to alleviate pressure on EDs and GP...

No nurse should lack the training and support to manage patients’ pain

The resources exist to help you challenge inadequate care, says the RCN’s pain forum chair

Why the Long Term Plan is a missed opportunity in health promotion

A Queen’s Nurse says medical models alone will not address social determinants of health

Parkinson’s: how you can ensure patients get their medication on time

With caseloads for specialist nurses climbing, awareness among all healthcare staff is vital

130 years of Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland

The charity is at the heart of the changing agenda for community nursing

Consider clinical impact first in any asthma inhaler switch

Inhaler devices may leave a carbon footprint, but are essential to many people's health

Malnutrition in the community: what you can do to support older people

Why it’s vital nurses recognise risk factors and challenge myths about weight loss and ageing

Our healthcare system needs to relax its grip on patient records

An advanced nurse practitioner wonders why we can’t give patients more control of their care

Why you should speak up about your achievements

Ruth Oshikanlu wants to help BME nurses feel confident applying for the RCNi Nurse Awards

Birthday wish: the woman who changed everyone's ideas about her dementia

People with dementia can be more resilient and comprehend more than nurses and family believe

Five reasons why nurses should encourage smokers to switch to e-cigarettes

Vaping presents much lower risks to health than smoking tobacco 

Community nurses need support in battle over unfair car parking charges

Organisations such as the RCN need to help lobby for change

Unlock the professional benefits of Twitter

The online network can help nurses explain what they do, share ideas and keep up-to-date

Placements are a vital piece of the general practice staffing puzzle

A practice nurse prescriber says student placements help build the workforce of the future

Helping bring integrated care teams to life: Bill’s story

Jane Holmes on delivering seamless care through integrated care teams

Primary care nurses in 'privileged position' to tackle antibiotic resistance...

Non-prescription advice pads rolled out to support Keep Antibiotics Working campaign