The Cambian Group: Nursing you can truly believe in

About the Cambian Group

Cambian are one of the largest providers of specialist behavioural health services in learning disabilities, autism, mental health rehabilitation, education, acquired brain injury rehabilitation, impaired hearing and, more recently, children's residential care, fostering and specialised services for children experiencing sexual trauma.

Working at Cambian (part one)

We currently provide services for more than 2,900 individuals in 286 services, we are working with over 140 public authorities, employ more than 6,000 people and we are incredibly proud of our achievements. Although our work embraces many specialist disciplines, it is united by a common purpose; to actively enable each and every one of the people in our care to achieve their personal best, however it is defined by them or for them.

Working at Cambian (part two)

Cambian operates 24 sites for people with a learning disability in the UK, including specialist hospitals, residential care and support services, respite care, day services and 12 specialist services for people with autism.

Cambian’s passion focuses on positive outcomes for the individuals we provide support and services to. Our nurses are critical in their roles in their delivery of care and support to ensure these outcomes can be achieved resulting in the highest possible quality of life.

Nursing you can truly believe in

Cambian nurses can truly believe in the work they do. That’s because they know they are going beyond ordinary nursing. Providing an extraordinary quality of innovative care that’s focused on the patient for as long as it takes. Working as respected members of a team of experts, all committed to achieving the best possible outcome. Trained and coached to be the best they can be, supported to build the career they deserve. In a bright, purpose-built environment designed to make possible the kind of care only Cambian nurses can provide. Because we believe in them.  


Believe in your care
We promise to support you to deliver care that goes far beyond ordinary nursing – a truly patient centred long-term care with wellness as its goal.

Believe in yourself
We promise you’ll be a trusted part of a close, committed specialist team sharing a proven clinical approach, all focused on achieving the best outcome for the patient.

Believe in us
We promise you the opportunity to practice great nursing in a bright, purpose-built environment, within an organisation that will train, develop and support you to achieve your own personal best.

Make a difference

So if you believe you can make a difference and are looking for a nursing career with Cambian, email: careers@cambiangroup.com or call 0161 367 5904 for further information.

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