Policy briefing

Safeguarding guidelines for protection of children and young people

RCN publishes updated guidance for safeguarding children and young people

New RCN position statement on termination of pregnancy

College responds after members support call for decriminalisation

Diabetes: recommendations for improving mental well-being

All-party group calls for clearer pathways to support individuals’ psychological needs

Safeguarding framework will help nurses protect their patients

RCN sets out competencies for healthcare staff in relation to adult safeguarding

Animals in healthcare

A new RCN protocol supports nurses in planning to bring dogs safely into care homes and...

Improving respiratory health in Wales

The Welsh Government's plan to improve accuracy and diagnosis speeds for chronic obstructive...

Advice on setting staff hours for specialist palliative care

New guidelines for 24-hour palliative care services

New voluntary standards for general practice nurses

New voluntary standards on the education and practice of senior general practice nurses have...

Guidelines on home use of oxygen

The latest policies and what they mean for healthcare professionals.

Cervical screening

Read our policy briefing on new Public Health England guidance on the importance of practice...

RCN guidance on responding to unexpected incidents or emergencies

Read our policy briefing on RCN guidance on responding to unexpected incidents or...

Ask dying adults about their spiritual beliefs, NICE says

Nurses should ask dying adults about their spiritual beliefs and cultural preferences, new...

Mental well-being and independence for older people

NICE has published updated guidance to improve independence for older people

Policy update: childhood obesity

Your essential guide to the government's strategy