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Reflections on a patient presenting with atypical cholecystitis in primary care

Recognise the challenges of diagnosing patients with atypical presentations in primary care

Meeting the challenges of cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination in the UK

Most deaths from cervical cancer could be avoided if women had regular cervical screening

Evaluation of an emotional well-being at work programme for supporting health visiting...

Developing ideas to help support your team members during the pandemic

Delivering the annual immunisation update to primary care staff via live online learning

How a training provider switched from a face-to-face to an online training delivery format

Comparing mean and single automated office blood pressure measurement in ambulatory care

Accurate measurement of blood pressure is essential to diagnose and treat hypertension

Meeting the healthcare needs of overseas Chinese students at UK universities

A review of evidence on whether healthcare needs of overseas Chinese students are being met

Using forum theatre to improve recognition and risk assessment of honour-based violence

How a theatrical teaching approach could be adapted and used with health visitor students

Developing and evaluating a new nursing student placement in public health teams

Placements of this type can help students appreciate the role of public health in nursing

Social prescribing: a nurse-led pilot project in a general practice setting

Development, implementation and outcomes of a nurse-led social prescribing pilot project
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Benefits of digital technologies in patients taking control of cardiovascular health

Digital technologies can provide innovative ways of empowering patients

Breast screening and the implications for advising women with dense breast tissue

Findings of a literature review appraising evidence on nurses’ knowledge of breast cancer

Genetics of Huntington’s disease and considerations for pre-symptomatic genetic testing

Reflecting on situations requiring special consideration before genetic testing is conducted

Toxoplasmosis prevention: knowledge and practices among pregnant women in Jordan

Improved health education could help reduce the risks of infection and complications

Best practice in the management of diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers on the foot

The differences between diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers on the foot

Antimicrobial stewardship: a competency framework to support the role of nurses

The role of nurses in antimicrobial stewardship and the competency framework underpinning it

Missed care in community and primary care

Assessing appropriate staffing levels and skill mixes in community nursing is complex
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Orem’s self-care model: understanding how traditional masculinity affects men’s health

Nurses need to know specific aspects of masculinity ideology as it can affect self-care

Early implementation of the Enhanced Health in Care Homes model due to COVID-19

One nurse’s experience of implementing the model in a care home and the challenges overcome