Passion will follow after skills

Jane Redfern Jones takes a fresh approach to job satisfaction

Jane Redfern Jones takes a fresh approach to job satisfaction.


Traditional careers advice tends to focus on a passive approach to finding your dream job: pick a job listing; apply; wait for a response. Get the job, perform your duties, wait for a promotion. Wait, repeat, stagnate. But a wait-and-see attitude to career planning is rarely the path to success.

Instead, be an active participant in shaping your future. Draw opportunity to you by developing your skills.

Sometimes you can find that a series of small, seemingly insignificant decisions have led you down a particular career path that you had never intended going down.

Many people fall into a job, and years later wonder how they got there. Don’t let that happen to your nursing career. Make active decisions that will guide your journey.

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This article was first published in print in Nursing Standard: volume 30, issue 4.

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