Nursing and marathon running have a lot in common

I woke up with a start at five o’clock this morning, and it occurred to me that I should write a blog about marathon running and nursing.

Running’s not that difficult: all you need is a front door and the determination to go through it wearing a good pair of trainers and some lycra.

Over the past six months I have doggedly plodded my way around London’s North Circular Road, splashing through the oily puddles, breathing in the fumes and cursing the fact that it’s the only flat route near where I live - I don’t do hills.

Sometimes I run faster than the traffic, sometimes slower. That’s not because I am fast - far from it - it’s because the traffic is often at a standstill.

Running makes me feel alive and when you train for a marathon you learn a lot about yourself.

Can you go out when it’s cold and dark and raining and blowing a gale?

Can you run when you don’t that feel that well, and your family is going out to do something really exciting?

Can you face doing a 20 mile training run when you could be enjoying a leisurely breakfast in bed? With toast!

Like in nursing, determination is the key.

You keep going until it’s done - you just have to deal with what’s in front of you.

I thought I’d end with a profound statement, but I’ve only come up with this:

26 miles is a long way.

Unless you’re in a car.

About the author

Colin Parish is editor of Learning Disability Practice and Mental Health Practice
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