I'm not quite ready for a mid-life crisis

I recently celebrated my birthday. It may not have been a ‘big birthday’ but it was still a birthday, and within the space of 24 hours I moved from one marketing/lifestyle bracket to another.

My inbox used to be full of offers for exciting nights out, trendy clothes and fabulous holidays. Now I am subjected to depressing messages about wrinkle problems, laser eye surgery - which actually looked like a great deal - and ‘cultural trips’.

Signing up to a website recently, I was mortified when I had to scroll more than halfway down the page to find my year of birth. But this was nothing compared to my recent trip to the local surgery.

I am lucky enough to have a nurse practitioner on site, and will often make an appointment to see her instead of the doctor. Once we had discussed my reason for going, she looked back at her screen and my new age seemed to flash like a neon sign. By the time I left I was laden with information on well woman clinics and high blood pressure.

After thanking her for her time, I walked back to my car thinking perhaps it would be a good idea to embrace this new stage of my life. Maybe I would enjoy visiting a castle or two, and it would be great not to have to wear glasses anymore.

With new resolve, I started up the car. But when I looked in my rear view mirror, I was almost blinded by the biggest grey hair I have ever seen. Letting out a small shriek of horror, I realised that perhaps I am not ready for this growing older lark after all.

About the author

Kelly Smith is an advertising executive at RCNi