Every calorie counts in my battle to stay healthy

I rang the gym this week to enquire about renewing my membership. When I logged the activity of picking up the phone in my app, I saw that I had burned one calorie!

Yes, it is that time of year when I go on a diet. This is a cyclical event for me, which usually occurs with the changing of the seasons; it happens every January, pre and post-holiday, and in the build up to Christmas so that I can get into that ‘little black dress’ that all the magazines talk about.

I have been inspired not only by my the inability to get into my jeans without the use of a coat hanger, but also by Nursing Standard's Eat Well, Nurse Well campaign.

I am lucky enough to be able to work nine-to-five most days. I get a lunch break, and work near shops that provide a variety of healthy options. So I really do appreciate the difficulties faced by nurses who work long shifts, have short breaks (if they get a break at all), and few choices when it comes to food.

I am joining the campaign in an honorary fashion and am going to ‘Eat Well, Work Well’. Good luck everyone!

About the author

Kelly Smith is an advertising executive at RCNi