Non-judgmental nursing

hands suggesting diverse racial heritage raised below a banner that reads 'Equality'

Racism and health inequalities: failure to act will keep on causing poor outcomes

As nursing students, we can combat systemic discrimination and improve health

Confidentiality illustration

Patient confidentiality: how a complicated case created an ethical and legal dilemma

A service user’s chlamydia diagnosis taught me lessons about disclosure and breach of trust

Family planning

The compassionate care given in abortion clinics is what nursing is all about

Marie Stopes UK says placements can help nursing students understand non-judgemental care

Young obese man lies on the sofa playing computer games

Identifying a common interest allowed me to engage with a young service user

Our shared love of gaming gave me an opportunity to offer person-centred care

Sexual health

What to expect from a placement at a sexual health clinic

Sexual health nurses need to be able to tackle sensitive issues with confidence

The plight of those with no place to call home

Charity work helped a student see the plight of homeless people with mental health issues

Refugee camp made me thankful for NHS

A nursing student describes volunteering at a refugee camp and reflects on what she learned

Don’t judge a clinical placement until you’ve experienced it

Nursing student Lucy Fearon was disappointed when she found out her first clinical placement...

A clinical placement with BPAS made me reflect on my feelings about abortion

Spending a day at a British Pregnancy Advisory Service clinic helped nursing student Becky...


Compassionate care for overweight and obese patients

Caring for an obese patient helped nursing student Julie Anderson understand the importance...


Refugees showed me the importance of person-centred care

A trip to Berlin to learn about the health and care of refugees helped first-year nursing...


Don't judge patients with personality disorders...

When mental health nursing student Nicola Mattocks heard staff making derogatory comments...