Community nursing

Shopping volunteer delivering supplies

COVID-19: how a neighbourhood volunteer scheme is teaching me about leadership

One nursing student is coordinating a network of support for vulnerable community members

nursing student on community placement

My first placement: it can be daunting, but a rich learning experience too

A first-year nursing student on what makes a rewarding clinical placement

community nurse with a patient

It’s just not true that your first job must be in an acute hospital – and here’s why

QNI's Crystal Oldman on why the community is the perfect place to start your nursing career

Lancaster bombers

Listening to patients’ wartime stories helped me develop empathy

It can be hard to find time to listen to patients, but it’s essential for holisitic care

Don’t judge a clinical placement until you’ve experienced it

Nursing student Lucy Fearon was disappointed when she found out her first clinical placement...


Scholarship nurse the judge called a firecracker 

Nursing student Sabrina Ffrench won a community nursing award from the Cavell Nurses’ Trust...


Community nursing is a complex and varied, but often underestimated, career option

Caring for homeless people requires a complex set of skills that can enable nurses to reach...


Starting out - Do not write off a placement before you’ve given it a chance

Never dismiss a placement or take it for granted. We all hear stories about the ones we...


Starting out - Being in a patient’s home helped me understand the story of their life

One of my most memorable training experiences occurred on a placement with a community...

Social isolation

Starting out - Clients’ social isolation prompted me to research ways to alleviate it

While working in the community with people who have schizophrenia, it became clear that the...