Challenging poor practice

nursing student talks to colleague on a ward

Raising concerns: it’s rarely easy, but be brave, because it’s the right thing to do

Advice for nursing students on how to challenge poor practice – take 7 top tips

Individuals working together as a team

When your course schedule says ‘group work’ and you think ‘hard work’

Ways to cope with conflicting study styles and goals in collaborative learning

Abby Martin

Please don’t call me ‘the student’

Nursing students have names – and an expectation to be part of the healthcare team too

Cartoon illustration of two figures, one giving the other a big thumbs down

The next generation needs encouragement, not derision

Critical comments such as ‘you're too posh to wash’ only dampen students’ enthusiasm

hand hygiene

Good hand hygiene is essential to safe patient care

Observing poor hand hygiene among staff inspired nursing student Shan Moses to step in and...

Every voice should be valued

Escalating concerns after witnessing substandard nursing care made Robert McEntee determined...

Poor care

How students should raise concerns with their tutors

University lecturers Robin Ion and Richard Craven offer advice on how nursing students can...

Concerned student

Student life - Cause for concern

In 2007, we began an international programme of research on healthcare students’ experiences...

Sharing experience

Starting out - My experience as a psychiatric patient has made me a better nurse

Starting my first placement in a psychiatric unit, I was struck by a mixture of fear,...

Speak up

Student life - Open for discussion

The Freedom to Speak Up review has exposed a culture of intimidation and bullying in many...

Blow the whistle

Starting out - Finding courage to blow the whistle helped me develop my practice

During my second clinical placement in my first year of training I began to notice that...