Advice for first year student nurses

An ABC of becoming a nurse

Some rules to guide you through training and the early days as a registered nurse

nurse sits with patient and listens

What I learned about nursing care after developing sepsis myself

Nurses who looked after me while I was a nursing student were role models for patient-...

Starting out

Tips for nursing students who are starting their studies

Nursing professor Jan Draper welcomes this year's cohort of nursing students

Helping students find their feet

Joleen McKee talks about her ideas to help nursing students get the most from placements

Cartoon showing student in classroom on one side and then as a waiter on the other

Fitting a part-time job around your nursing studies

It can be tricky balancing paid employment against university work, clinical placements and...

Don’t judge a clinical placement until you’ve experienced it

Nursing student Lucy Fearon was disappointed when she found out her first clinical placement...


Coping with an emergency as a first-year nursing student

Nursing student Victoria Brice was in her first year of training when she saw a woman having...


How to handle negative feedback

The desire to do well in assignments and practice placement can make criticism hard to take...


The perils of imposter syndrome

Feeling like a fake inside despite outward success is not unusual for nursing students....


How to write in a patient's notes...

For nursing students, writing in a patient's notes can feel daunting. Third-year nursing...

Poor care

How students should raise concerns with their tutors

University lecturers Robin Ion and Richard Craven offer advice on how nursing students can...