patient advocate

What I learned from shadowing the specialists

A student’s experience of shadowing a clinical nurse specialist and a senior research nurse

What to expect from a placement in police custody

A police custody suite offers many opportunities to learn about person-centred care

Talk about resuscitation - it’s crucial to patient-centred care

While working with a critical care outreach team, nursing student Cara Large helped perform...

Struggle to provide peace for dying patient in the emergency department

When a patient nearing the end of life was brought into the emergency department, nursing...

A nurse’s greatest skills include effective communication

Building up a therapeutic relationship with his patient enabled nursing student Gareth...


Bringing a smile to help in the tough times

Caring for a young teenager reminded children's nursing student Harriet Pollard why taking...


Escalating concerns boosted my confidence and helped save a patient’s life

When nursing student Christine Urum used her initiative to identify a problem and then...

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Identifying and supporting victims of human trafficking and modern slavery

Nursing student Louise Cahill's volunteer work in tackling human trafficking and modern...


The importance of advocating for your patients

When a patient in distress refused medical treatment, nursing student Charlotte Callow acted...


Improving the patient experience through person-centred care

When one of her patients refused to eat, nursing student Georgiana John used her nursing...

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There is no place for ageism in healthcare

A clinical placement working with older people opened nursing student Nina Mitchell’s eyes...


Stretching the boundaries of learning disability nursing

Despite popular opinion, learning disability nurses are needed in a range of care settings...


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