community nursing

Don’t judge a clinical placement until you’ve experienced it

Nursing student Lucy Fearon was disappointed when she found out her first clinical placement...


Scholarship nurse the judge called a firecracker 

Nursing student Sabrina Ffrench won a community nursing award from the Cavell Nurses’ Trust...


Community nursing is a complex and varied, but often underestimated, career option

Caring for homeless people requires a complex set of skills that can enable nurses to reach...


Starting out - Do not write off a placement before you’ve given it a chance

Never dismiss a placement or take it for granted. We all hear stories about the ones we...


Starting out - Being in a patient’s home helped me understand the story of their life

One of my most memorable training experiences occurred on a placement with a community...

Social isolation

Starting out - Clients’ social isolation prompted me to research ways to alleviate it

While working in the community with people who have schizophrenia, it became clear that the...

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