Reflective accounts

Read about how other nurses took inspiration from a CPD article and applied that new learning to their nursing practice. Reflective accounts also count towards revalidation.

Managing encephalitis

A CPD article improved Hellen Wambui’s knowledge of how to treat and manage encephalitis

Neutropenic sepsis

A CPD article improved Tracie Jones’ knowledge of how to identify and treat neutropenic...

Reflective account – in-hospital resuscitation

A CPD article improved Christine Mason’s knowledge of recognising and responding to patients...

Preventing CAUTIs

A CPD article improved Lucy Ward’s knowledge of catheter-associated urinary tract infections

Limb amputation

A CPD article improved Rebecca Keown’s knowledge of caring for people who have undergone...

Reflective account – promoting healthy sleep

A CPD article updated Georgina O’Reilly-Foley’s knowledge of the benefits of sleeping well.

Reflective account – moving and handling

A CPD article improved Geisla Patrick’s knowledge of manual handling risk assessment.

Palliative and end of life care

A CPD article improved Anne O’Reilly’s knowledge of palliative and end of life care for...

Reflective account – systematic reviews

A CPD article improved Efstratios Athanasakis’s knowledge of how to conduct a systematic...

Malnutrition and dementia

A CPD article increased Karen Wilhelm’s knowledge of how to manage malnutrition in patients...

Developing nursing care plans

A CPD article improved Robin Hooks' knowledge of care plans and planning

Amy Causey reflects on what she has learned about discharging patients

A CPD article improved Amy Causey’s knowledge of discharging patients from acute hospitals

How I changed my practice after reading a CPD article on helping patients to self-

A CPD article improved Judith Mary Jobling’s knowledge of how to help patients self‑manage...

Pulmonary oedema

This informative CPD article on acute pulmonary oedema has improved my knowledge of the...

Psychological support

I read the CPD article to improve my knowledge of the psychological needs of people living...

Healthy sleep

As a nurse who works permanently on night shifts, I read with interest the CPD article on...

Self-managed diabetes

Diabetes is a common long-term condition resulting from a deficiency of insulin secretion or...

Agitation in patients

I found the CPD article on caring for older people experiencing agitation useful, since...