Patient view

Sian's care for her patients radiates from her

Lynne Lewis says senior diabetes nurse Sian Bodman champions diabetes education and care across South Wales. 

I visit and meet many people in relation to my health condition, and they talk about senior diabetes nurse Sian Bodman. Reputations are important, especially in small valley communities.

Lynne Lewis, left, with senior diabetes nurse Sian Bodman. Picture: Jon Rowley

Sian, who works for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, champions diabetes care in Gwent and beyond. She makes people feel safe. She knows her patients, understands their nearest and dearest and supports them to adjust their lives to manage diabetes. She helps patients to access information and works doggedly to structure the best sustainable care plan.

Respect and advice

Sian's care for people radiates from her. Patients respect her not only for her expertise, but because she never judges them, even when they are struggling to grasp advice and follow it as planned. 

She makes every patient feel ‘we are in it together’ while supporting them to manage themselves.

There was significant resistance to expanding a model of community diabetes care that Sian developed, but the value of the way things were done under her leadership was eventually recognised and it has now been shared across the whole health board.

Somehow Sian has managed to lead this, train a team to take on her role in the community and still find time to keep that essential connection with her patients. 

'Diabetes care is so much more than a course of instruction – it is life lessons in care'

Sian's belief that diabetes care begins with structured education is so right. The education she provides is so much more than a course of instruction – it is life lessons in care. It demonstrates her helpful nature as well as her expertise. It also shows her ability to identify where help is needed. Her professionalism is always evident and she provides support with empathy. 

Mindful of the needs of carers and family, Sian ensures they too understand the patient's goals and care plan. She also makes great efforts to interpret for patients so explanations meet their needs.

So often I hear people say ‘if we could only clone Sian’, but she really is one of a kind.

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