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The quality of today's nursing students is hope for the future

I feel reassured that nurse education still invigorates, says Amanda Burston

I feel reassured that nurse education still invigorates, says Amanda Burston

Recently I was invited to be part of generic band five nursing interview panel as a group of 3rd year nursing students approach qualification. With over 50 nurses to interview and a variety of vacancies to fill, I looked forward to spending the day with the nursing workforce of the future, meeting bright minds and engaging interviewees.

I was not disappointed! Candidate after candidate came forward, all with a variety of skills, ambitions, extraordinary outside interests, amazing personal achievements, with clear excitement and dedicated passion for the nursing profession I am so proud to belong to.

Having all worked at University Hospitals of North Midlands, these students understand hard work, pressure, difficulties and demands, and were ready to play their part in in the nursing team of tomorrow.

At the end of the day, appointments made, I felt reassured that nurse education still invigorates, pushes and develops minds, and provides an excellent platform for innovations and progression.

While uncertain times may lay ahead, with question marks over the structure of the NHS and unknown territory with changes BREXIT may bring, I know our nursing family is still recruiting remarkable, educated, caring and compassionate affiliates.




Mandie Burston

Royal Stoke University Hospital


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