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Letters: Without a bursary, we must be truly supernumerary

As a student nurse who has come to the end of my training, I fear the decision to scrap bursaries may not encourage people to apply for nursing degree courses in the high numbers previously seen. 

It is well known that student nurses are often used as part of the workforce, which can be a great advantage and give us opportunities to learn and flourish in the varying environments we encounter. 

However, as we embark on this new era of having to ‘pay back’ for the training we receive, should there be a set of new rules with it, such as ensuring we are truly supernumerary on placements? 

Or will attitudes and commitment towards the volume of work required of students change with the knowledge they will be paying back the government for the long, hard working days, accompanied by essays and extra study on top?

I hope that our nursing workforce can still flourish with a new generation of nurses filled with the same passion, care and commitment so many of us hold in our hearts and practice on a day to day basis.

Holly Phillips

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