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Letter: Give nurses credit for staying positive in the face of adversity

Letter: Gordon Lees says nurses should be congratulated for maintaining their morale

Gordon Lees says nurses should be congratulated for going the extra mile

A day in the life of healthcare in the UK can make unhappy reading. You only have to look at the news.

On just one day this week we’re told of a major problem with the recruitment and retention of nurses on Guernsey, where graduate nurses are paid less than administrators. 

Meanwhile, complaints made to the Ombudsman over care funding have doubled in five years, highlighting the growing tension between families and an NHS in financial crisis. 

Plans to encourage people to save to meet their own social care costs in old age have been discussed in government. A looming crisis has prompted the view that people ‘should be encouraged to think again before they spend money on a new car or a cruise’.

The majority of specialist nurses polled by the RCN believe that the care provided to young people with mental health problems is inadequate and getting worse.

In the midst of all this the new NHS whistleblowing chief, Henrietta Hughes has told doctors, nurses and other NHS staff that they need to be ‘more positive' at work!  I'd remind her that our positive workforce go the extra mile every day and their goodwill is continually exploited. 

Staff on the frontline are working long hours in stressful conditions, trying to earn a crust and keep the wolf at the door, whilst doing their best to wear a positive mask.

Perhaps Ms Huges could please give them some credit for all that - and focus her efforts on producing a positive strategy to enable them to speak out.

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Gordon Lees

Gordon Lees, RCN Council member


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