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Letter: Andy Burnham's support for student bursaries

I am thrilled that Andy Burnham has been appointed to run for mayor of Manchester.

I am thrilled that Andy Burnham has been appointed to run for mayor of Manchester.

His policies reflect the need for a nurturing of our NHS which it so needs.

Currently we have a distinct shortage of nurses, which is ever increasing. Nurses are retiring or simply leaving due to the tough working conditions. Combine this with the cuts to the NHS bursaries for nursing, midwifery and associated healthcare professionals it does not take a genius to calculate we are heading for a very big crisis that the present government have had significant warnings about but have chosen not to listen.

Andy Burnham has prioritised continuing the NHS bursary within Manchester which comes as delightful news to me. Not only will its removal deter people, it is incredibly insulting to remove such a small amount of money from such a worthy workforce. Andy highlights a huge staffing crisis, yes we need less agency spending but we also need our nurses with adequate pay so they can live in our expensive society which will hopefully mean they wont need to do extra agency shifts to make ends meat. Furthermore, by providing good, safe and practical working conditions for nurses will mean staff retention is better and people are happier in their jobs.

The integration of health and social care within the NHS is a fantastic idea. Private companies within these services make it a difficult and detached service that does not run in harmony, not only this it is also incredibly costly.

These funds could be used elsewhere in patient care, which Andy also recognises. It is a shame that these kind of policies are only with a candidate running for election at present in Manchester. It is refreshing to see a candidate appreciate and respect the NHS staff for the gold that they are.

In the wider picture, this is why I am voting for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership election.

Like Andy he will put an end to privatisation, will fund our healthcare service in the way that it should and has also vowed to end the damaging public sector pay restraint.

This has sadly seen nurses lose 14% of their pay, approximately in real terms since 2010.

Only candidates running for election such as Andy and Jeremy have inspired me with the hope we so need for our profession and patients alike.

Danielle Tiplady, staff nurse and bursary campaigner

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