App review: Breast Check Now

Layla Haidrani reviews an app that encourages breast checks in women.

Book review: ABC of Diabetes (7th edition)

Neesha Oozageer Gunowa reviews ABC of Diabetes.

Book review: Understanding Sociology in Nursing

Principal consultant Stephen Callaghan reviews Understanding Sociology in Nursing.

App review: D-A-S-H

Emergency nurse Amanda Burston reviews D-A-S-H app.

Book review: Fast Facts: Hypertension (5th edition)

Alison Crumbie reviews the fifth edition of Fast Facts: Hypertension.

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties (Tenth edition)

Practice development nurse Valerie McGurk reviews the Oxford Handbook of Clinical...

Book review: An Adventure in Statistics: The Reality Enigma

Author Andy Field takes the reader on a futuristic adventure, all in the name of statistics.

App review: Petals

Created by Coventry University, this app aims to provide information to those who are at...

Book review: HynoBirthing: The breakthrough approach to safer, easier, comfortable...

Patricia Jarrett reviews Marie Mongan's book on the use of hypnotherapy in childbirth.

App review: Dermofit

Layla Haidrani reviews Dermofit app.

Book review: Emergency Nursing at a Glance

Associate lecturer Jenny Jenkins reviews Emergency Nursing at a glance.

Book review: The Biological Basis of Mental Health (Third edition)

Senior lecturer Nigel Wellman reviews The Biological Basis of Mental Health (Third edition)

Book review: False Bodies, True Selves

Bob Price finds out why body image is a concern for nurses by reviewing False Bodies, True...

Book review: Life After Encephalitis: A Narrative Approach

Be guided through the illness with first hand accounts of experiencing encephalitis.

App review: Bright Sky

Bright Sky launches an app to help victims of domestic abuse.

Book review: The Drug Conversation: How to talk to your child about drugs

Lindsey Hayes reviews The Drug Conversation aimed at parents.

Book review: Whistle Blowing and Ethics in Health and Social Care

Claire Lanfear reviews a book examining the ethics of whistle blowing.

App review: Meningitis – Know the Symptoms

Layla Haidrani reviews the app: Meningitis – Know the Symptoms