App review: Perfect Ward

Perfect Ward app

Book review: The Health Debate (Second edition)

Appropriate reading for all nurses to read and understand the drivers for change.

App review: My Health Guide

Layla Haidrani reviews an app for learning disability nurses.

Book review: Self-Assessment in Paediatric Musculoskeletal Trauma X-rays (Second...

Part of a series of four other X-ray self-assessment texts for emergency nurse, this book is...

Book review: The Pocketbook Guide to Mental Health Act Assessments (Second edition)

Should be considered alongside - and not instead - of more robust legal guidance - 3/5

Book review: Deprivation of Liberty: Collected Guidance

Should be readily available on every ward and unit where safeguarding is an issue - 4/5

Book review: A Post-graduate’s Guide to Doing a Literature Review: In Health and Social...

Useful, reader friendly book for those seeking to undertake literature reviews - 4/5

Book review: Rise: Surviving and Thriving after Trauma

Relevant for people who may feel isolated, vulnerable, frightened and alone and who are...

A Practical Guide to Forensic Nursing: Incorporating forensic principles into nursing...

Not one to buy, but worth borrowing from a library if time permits - 3/5

Hidden Cameras: Everything You Need to Know About Covert Recording, Undercover Cameras...

The legal, moral and ethical issues involved in secretly filming vulnerable people and their...

Reflective Practice in Nursing (Third edition)

For novices or more experienced practitioners seeking to develop their reflective skills – 4...

Book review: Rapid Research Methods for Nurses, Midwives and Health Professionals

Excellent addition to any reference bookshelf and has a great deal to offer all healthcare...

App review: NICE Guidance

Useful quick reference to NICE guidelines - 3/5 stars

Book review: Carb & Calorie Counter

Nutrition guide helpful for diabetes nursing departments – 3/5 stars

Glowing review for surgical nursing guide

'One of the most fundamental contemporary resources for health professionals working...

App review: ECG – Case studies, tutorials and more

ECG App – Case studies, exams, quizzes and tutorials

The Menopause Cure: Hormonal Health

Evidence-based natural options for managing the menopause – 3/5