Working Together in Clinical Supervision: A Guide for Supervisors and Supervisees

A useful, well-written book primarily aimed at less experienced supervisors and supervisees.  It would be most suited to busy mental health professionals seeking an up-to-date and concise text to guide their clinical supervision

★ ★ ★

Clinical supervision is an important feature of mental health practice and a requirement for many people working in mental health and other settings.

This book offers a useful overview of clinical supervision for supervisors and supervisees to support the aims of ensuring patient welfare, educating and evaluating the supervisee and helping them cope with the emotional challenges of the job.

It covers different theories and supervisory frameworks that help structure clinical supervision and addresses the interpersonal elements between supervisor and supervisee.

Activities and chapter summaries are provided to help readers engage with the content.

The book reflects the latest thinking on clinical supervision and includes sections on working with diversity, overcoming difficulties within clinical supervision and the competencies required by supervisors and supervisees.

The text is structured logically to provide guidance from the beginning to the end of the supervisory