Working in Public Health: An Introduction to Careers in Public Health

For those considering a career in public health, this book offers a comprehensive overview of public health organisations in England.

The chapter on global public health is particularly interesting and informative as are the personal accounts and case studies from highly-experienced practitioners, specialists as well as those new to their roles.

The book also seeks to raise awareness on jobs in the public health workforce in the UK and internationally that improve health and reduce inequalities through case studies and personal accounts.

This book is primarily directed at those pursuing careers in public health such as a public health practitioner in a local authority or as a specialist via the faculty of public health route.

It offers insufficient specific information to community public health nurses who deliver face-to-face interventions and address health inequalities on a daily basis.

Greater awareness of the role, capabilities and academic background of nurses working in public health practice would make this a more useful and inspiring read.

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