Working with Parents of Anxious Children:

According to the charity Anxiety UK, as many as one in six young people will experience an anxiety problem at some point in their lives.

Aimed at the specialist fields of child and adolescent mental health services, learning disability nursing and clinical psychology, this book discusses various strategies that can be used by parents of children with specific anxiety issues.

Among the topics covered are the positive and negative behaviours of parents and the effect that these have on the anxious child, communication skills, treatment, including cognitive behaviour therapy, and difficult topics that need to be discussed with parents.

Throughout the book, the author discusses the need for self-care and resilience of the parents and staff working with them. Parent management training and parent-child interaction training strategies are provided.

Clinical examples are used to discuss the management of anxious children and the theory around the clinical practice, and the book includes reflections on diagnostic approaches to childhood anxiety.

There are also helpful handouts such as breathing exercises and resources for parents.

Overall, this book would be best suited to health and social care staff who work with children affected by anxiety and their families.

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