Working with Adolescent Violence and Abuse Towards Parents: Approaches and Contexts for Intervention

Literature and policy in the UK is full of evidence and guidance about parents who abuse their children, but less so on children who abuse their parents.

Yet evidence about child-on-parent abuse is accumulating, as is criticism that advice is difficult to obtain and practical support is lacking.

This text fills some of these gaps with a rounded discussion of precursors to adolescent violence and abuse, as well as contemporary interventions. It draws on evidence from around the world and contributors identify, present and explore what works.

The text is in two parts: the first explores interventions and their theoretical basis, the second looks at the challenges of working with adolescents and their families.

Presented in an engaging style, this book is a research-based exploration of the complexities and challenges involved in child-on-parent abuse. Although there is little focus on health professionals in this field, the text has much to offer about interventions and approaches that can be applied to adolescents and their families, and would be a valuable resource for practitioners working with young people.

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