Why Perinatal Depression Matters

One in ten women is affected by perinatal depression, according to the NHS. This book, aimed at women who are pregnant or have a new baby, offers advice, reassurance and support for them and their partners.

The tone of the book is supportive and empathetic, inviting readers to connect the topics it discusses with their own experiences with their babies and families.

The author gives descriptions of depression, drawing on social, psychological and physiological processes, and considers the effect of pregnancy on parents’ mental health.

Complex concepts are explained clearly and the discussion is based on current thinking and recent evidence.

The book offers practical advice on ways for expectant mothers to care for themselves, based on positive psychology and cognitive behaviour therapy, during and after pregnancy.

While the book is not aimed at nurses, midwives and health visitors, it could be put to good use by professionals who work with pregnant women or new mothers, because it provides ideas on how to frame advice and support for women during this challenging time. It could also be recommended to patients as a source of information and help.

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