Using Health Policy in Nursing Practice

Written for undergraduate nursing students and intended to support them to meet Nursing and Midwifery Council standards and essential skills clusters, this meaty text has eight clearly outlined chapters.

It takes the reader through a logical explanation of policy development at local, national and international levels, its relevance to health care, and involving patients and the public.

Chapter six, which deals with care, compassion and dignity in the context of policy, and highlights the idea of caring for carers as well as the benefits of caring, is particularly useful. It also covers the six fundamental values in nursing policy regarding compassion.

The chapters on public health policy and inequalities in health, wellbeing and nursing practice will not disappoint, while the final chapter, which succinctly champions the need to use health policy in the day-to-day practice of nursing, is also invaluable.

The book’s strength is the activities woven into the chapters, which encourage the reader to engage in reflection, evidence-based research and critical thinking. Case studies also bring health policy implementation alive as they trace the journeys of those affected. The sample answers provided at the end of each chapter accommodate students’ different levels and pace of learning.

These activities are an ideal springboard for student-centred and blended learning and could easily form the basis of undergraduate modular content.

Staff and students involved in the growing body of master’s degree in pre-registration nursing pathways will find this book useful in developing student abilities on critical reflection and critical thinking at the required level.

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