Under Cover of Darkness – How I blogged my way through Mantle cell lymphoma

When Margaret Cahill was diagnosed with Mantle cell lymphoma in 2012, she started a blog to keep in touch with family and friends.

In this insightful and touching publication, she takes the reader on her journey from the diagnosis of this rare and aggressive form of cancer through to the healing process.

The reader shares Margaret’s experiences of chemotherapy, blood tests and bone marrow biopsy, as well as her exhaustion, hair loss and the toxicity of her treatment plan. But the book also conveys courage and humour, and provides practical advice for anyone going through a similar experience or supporting a relative or friend.

As a member of a mind, body and spirit community that provides advice on alternative therapies and nutrition, Margaret shared her knowledge with staff caring for her in the hope that they may share it with others.

An engaging and informative read for health professionals, patients, relatives and family members alike, this book could make you laugh and cry in equal measure.

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