Transition to Nursing: Preparation for practice

An easy-to-read book focusing on the final year of nursing studies

★ ★ ★ 

This text supports the third year student moving towards qualification, focusing on completing university, the final practice placement and registration as a nurse.

A large section of the book considers the final practice placement, and provides the reader with detail on how they should demonstrate their knowledge.

Third year nursing students would find this text useful, particularly as it can be picked up and put down as students progress through the final year. The book would support transition modules offered at universities, so could be a useful addition to library services.

But there are lots of texts emerging regarding transition, and while this one is well written and an easy read, it doesn’t really offer anything new to those that are on the market already.

It puts more emphasis than others on embarking on the final year of the course – most of the similar books focus on the newly qualified nurse. Newly qualified nurses often want to know how to do the job, including the practical aspects, which this text does not address.

Bill Whitehead and Michelle Brown | McGraw-Hill Education| 176pp | £21.99 | ISBN: 9780335263820

Reviewed by Nikki Brooks, associate dean (academic), De Montfort University, Leicester


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