Times To Weep, Times To Laugh

A great read for lovers of nursing and Welsh history, this is an account of nurse education when the primary focus was hands-on learning.

Author Shirley Phillips shares her experiences of nurse training, and working her way up to the highest levels of the nursing profession from extremely poor beginnings.

The daughter of a coal miner, Shirley was the fourth of five children. Living in a small back-to-back house, her family struggled to provide the bare essentials to make ends meet. At 17, Shirley’s application to train as a nurse was initially rejected due to a curvature of her spine. Determined to become a nurse, she applied again 17 years later, and started her training in 1970.

Spanning 30 years in the caring profession, we follow Shirley as she progresses from nursing pupil to nurse tutor. Her strength and commitment shines through as she encounters various situations, which instead of weakening her spirit, fuelled her desire to succeed.

The book is well written, and the friendly tone makes it a pleasure to read, even though Shirley has challenges to overcome. Through her honesty, the reader shares her tears and happiness as she strives to provide good care.

An inspirational story which was a pleasure to read.

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