Studying Postgraduate Healthcare A Pre-reader

This book is an excellent starting point for those considering postgraduate study in the UK. Although not specific to nursing, it includes pertinent information for nurses thinking of continuing their education, and those interested in postgraduate preregistration nursing courses.

As a ‘pre-reader’ it does not attempt to give in-depth advice on all aspects of postgraduate study. But what it does well is to encourage the reader to consider postgraduate study in the context of other commitments, motivation, expectations and possible pitfalls. There are concise segments on many topics, ranging from maintaining a good work/life balance to developing postgraduate study skills.

The authors explain the need for self-directed learning and explore what this might entail. They provide suggestions throughout for how the reader might find information specific to them, providing a kick-start to the postgraduate journey.

A useful section lists other resources (primarily websites) where readers can access more in-depth information on postgraduate study in general.

The language used is easy to follow, even for those unfamiliar with academic or healthcare terminology, or for whom English is a second language.

A gentle introduction to what could otherwise be a daunting subject matter, this book enables readers to make better-informed decisions about studying healthcare subjects at postgraduate level.

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