Reflective Practice in Nursing (Third edition)

For novices or more experienced practitioners seeking to develop their reflective skills – 4/5

Reflection and reflexivity are essential skills in all fields of nursing. However, these skills are not always inherent and many students need guidance to develop them.

This reasonably priced book is an easy-to-read practical guide that will help nursing students to understand reflection and how to become a reflective and reflexive practitioner.

The scenario examples and guided activities help students to contextualise their learning. Incorporated is a wide range of material including defining reflection, lifelong learning, autobiographical reflection, reflective models and frameworks and the reflective practitioner. 

Using new media for reflection

Areas often found more challenging such as reflective writing and critical reflection are addressed and there is an interesting chapter on the use of new media in reflection.

Particularly useful features are the explicit links to the NMC domains and essential skills clusters at the start of each chapter. These enable the student to see how reflection is directly relevant to their nursing practice.

Each chapter closes with a clear summary, answers to the activities and further reading.

Whether a reflective novice or a more experienced practitioner seeking to develop their reflective skills, this book has something to offer all.

Lioba Howatson-Jones | Sage Publications | 200pp | £19.99 | ISBN: 9781473919297

Reviewed by Fiona Barchard, senior lecturer in adult nursing, University of Northampton

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