Reflection for Nursing Life: Principles, Process and Practice

Reflection is a key part of life as a nurse, and even more so since the Nursing and Midwifery Council introduced the revalidation process in April.

Although this could be seen as yet another tome on reflection, the author has considered the process in terms of life as a nurse, which gives the book a strong position in its field.

It guides the reader in the development of the skills needed for reflection, and uses theoretical frameworks to show how this process is academically supported and guided.

The reader can approach the book chapter by chapter, or alternatively dip into sections when they need to explore questions that arise as they reflect on personal experiences.

The examples of nurses’ reflective pieces are particularly strong, because they demonstrate to readers how they can reflect on their own care experiences in practice.

So while this is another book on reflection, it allows practitioners to see the reflective process in terms of their own nursing experiences and, as such, will be useful to nurses at all levels.

It is an essential purchase for nursing school libraries and clinical areas.

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