Psychology for Nursing

A collected volume of essays by various authors, this book gives the reader expert guidance in different areas of psychology.

The chapters cover a range of areas, including nursing adults and people with learning disabilities. This approach means the book will most likely be dipped into, rather than becoming an essential reference for nursing students.

A better approach may have been to organise the book so that each chapter follows an individual’s journey from health to illness and back through recovery and rehabilitation, or to end of life care. Such a structure would have been beneficial because, irrespective of the patient’s diagnosis, the journey through health, illness, recovery and, eventually, end of life, is common to everyone.

The book does a good job of grounding psychological theories in practice in a useful way. The authors cover health beliefs, problems resulting from pain, and stress and illness.

It would have been valuable to see something on help-seeking behaviour and altered body image. However, with a subject area as large as psychology, topics will be omitted.

Each chapter ends with questions for discussion, which could be used in tutorial sessions.

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