The Practical Pocket Guide to History Taking and Clinical Examination (Second edition)

This handy pocket-sized book serves well as an aide-memoire or for last-minute revision.

Concisely written and easy to read, the book is set out clearly in easily navigated sections distinguished by bullet points. There is even a helpful appendix explaining some of the common clinical tests performed.

A minor criticism is that there are no diagrams or charts, which might have made the book more readable and varied.

This is not a text for in-depth application of theory to practice, or for learning about fundamental examination of the body systems. However, the authors make it clear that the purpose of the book is to complement the detailed and evidence-based literature that is currently available.

Despite this, contributors come from an impressive range of backgrounds, which lends clinical credibility. This is reassuring as there are no references or explanations provided throughout the chapters, although some cross-referencing could have enriched the writing.

While it is not aimed at nurses specifically, it would be a useful aide for those training for or engaged in advanced practitioner roles. It could also be useful for undergraduates developing consultation skills and to dip in and out of for exam preparation.

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