The Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse (Second edition)

This is a specialist text on child sexual abuse (CSA) and is an evidence-based review and guidance for best practice. The text provides an excellent overview of contemporary evidence about the physical signs of CSA, interspersed with clinical diagrams and photographs that are explicit but appropriate.

Each chapter focuses on specific signs and related anatomy with an overview of the presentation. The empirical evidence is reviewed along with a clinical evaluation.

The main chapters focus on anogenital signs in boys and girls, accidental injuries and signs of healing, and sexually transmitted infections. The final chapter presents good practice based on an evaluation of the evidence, linking it to contemporary law and policy.

The text is written in a clear, easy-to-follow style and informs the reader about this form of abuse and its clinical presentations. Chapters are helpfully summarised with key messages from the evidence and further issues for clinical practice.

Aimed at health professionals working in this field, it will definitely be of value to those with a specialist safeguarding role. I ts price is reasonable for the amount of up-to-date information it presents.

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