Palliative Care for Older People (First edition)

Aimed at policy and decision-makers, this book provides an eclectic international view of palliative care for older people, and explores the factors that shape the care of older people throughout the world.

Among the topics covered are the implications of holistic care at the end of life, and the authors highlight the importance of providing palliative care that is based on the needs of the person, not their prognosis.

Although this book deals specifically with the care of older people, many areas discussed apply to palliative care in general. The information on advance care planning delivers invaluable insight and complements discussion of the ethical dilemmas that can arise in palliative care for the older population.

Key issues explored in the book are supported by up-to-date, international literature. Information relating to the holistic care of people with dementia is also explored, and the main considerations for health professionals highlighted.

This book would make an interesting read for generalists and specialist palliative care providers.

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