Pain Management in Nursing Practice

Written by a registered psychologist, who is also a retired nurse with experience of teaching undergraduate nurses, this is a comprehensive resource that summarises most of the essential knowledge required to manage pain across the continuum from acute pain to cancer pain via chronic pain.

Despite being crammed full of information it retains a readable format. I particularly like the learning objectives at the start and the chapter summary bullet points at the end of each chapter. This sensible structure is augmented by reflective exercises, recommended reading, websites relevant to each chapter and a comprehensive reference list.

This book would be ideal for using with students leaning about pain and in setting coursework. Many sections such as the ‘rules to follow during pain flare ups’, or the ‘SPIKES’ anagram for breaking bad news, would also be useful when nurse practitioners are planning care with patients. The must-read sections are chapter 13, covering the quality, safety and organisational issues in pain management; and chapter 14 covering pain and human rights.

If you buy or borrow one pain management book this year, I would recommend this one. I shall be lending my copy to all of my team.

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