Nursing Research Using Historical Methods: Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing

This concise guide sets out to improve nurses’ confidence and ability to conduct nursing research using historical analysis. As a nursing professor with expertise in teaching at all levels of qualitative research, Mary de Chesnay is well placed to write about this topic.

Historical research is a qualitative method that systematically examines past events from existing documents or involves interviewing individuals who lived through events to help in our understanding of the past.

A fascinating book, aimed at novice and specialist researchers, the text is practical and offers an in-depth plan for applying methodologies to a particular study, including ethical considerations. It also focuses on solving the day-to-day challenges of this type of research. De Chesnay’s analysis assists readers in making decisions about their own projects.

Nursing Research Using Historical Methods also provides a variety of examples of historical method studies, including mental health research, working with Navajo communities and second world war evacuation nursing.

The terminology and writing style is encouraging, accessible and easy to understand. Each chapter is well structured with added notes and reflections.