The Nurse Mentor’s Companion

This book aims to help mentors engage with the emotional and interpersonal aspects of learning in the clinical setting.

In six concise chapters, it guides mentors through the challenges involved in supporting nursing students on placement, covering essential topics such as teamwork and assessment.

Chapters two and three, on working with students and the mentor’s role, are particularly good. The authors recognise that the mentor role is important in learning and teaching, because practice learning is part of a nurse’s socialisation into the profession and the larger workforce.

With its emphasis on care and compassion in nursing, this volume is relevant and up to date. It recognises the complexities of helping students to learn in an environment in which patients and peers are watching, while also dealing with work priorities and maintaining practice at the best possible standard.

It includes several useful learning features, such as a checklist of resources, tips for best practice and case studies, as well as some reflective questions.

Closely tied to the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s standards, this book is a valuable resource for all nurses undertaking mentoring courses, which can help them review their various responsibilities to the student, university, employer and the profession.

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