Multi-agency Safeguarding in a Public Protection World

Despite recent legislation and a greater focus on multi-agency working, there remains a need for individuals across the professions to understand the various roles, responsibilities and liabilities relevant to the safeguarding agenda, and the part they should be playing.

Safeguarding requires professionals to work together to ensure effective information sharing as well as supporting the individuals involved in obtaining the best person-centred outcomes. But it can be difficult for individuals from a variety of agencies to understand each other’s professional language and processes – and this can lead to misunderstanding and difficulties with interaction.

The review of relevant law and guidance gives the reader useful explanations and has been written in such a way that there is a shared language across the agencies. This book is insightful and has valuable case studies and further links.

It provides professionals, both new and experienced in the difficult world of safeguarding, with an oversight of the themes and issues relevant to child protection and vulnerable adults. It will not replace local policies and procedures, but provides a helpful resource for those working in this arena and practical guidance when dealing with a safeguarding incident.

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