Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness

Recommending people make changes to their diet and exercise is not a straightforward task for nurses and, if handled badly, can lead to resistance.

This well written book aims to help professionals to engage people in changing their diet and improving their fitness. It outlines one-to-one communication techniques drawn from motivational interviewing (MI), a gentle, guiding style of counselling, effective across many healthcare areas.

The explanation on how to help individuals become an ‘expert’ on themselves, instead of giving them our professional advice in the hope this will encourage them to change, will be a revelation to staff who are new to MI. Nurses are shown how conversations can be applied to clinical situations through the extensive use of client-professional scenarios and detailed case studies. For example, how to begin a challenging conversation about nutrition or fitness and assess a person’s interest in changing and exploring any barriers, are extensively described.

Nurses with more experience of counselling will also find the book useful as it shows how to develop good relationships and deepen client rapport by using advanced empathy and clarification.

For health professionals who need to help people change their lifestyle, diet or fitness in an effective and sustained way, I highly recommend this book.

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