Medicine Management for Nurses Case Book

Part of the Case Book series, this well-informed and clearly laid out book offers a unique way of relating theory to practice in medicine management.

Suitable for qualified nurses, students and other healthcare professionals, it covers the principles and skills involved in a range of common medicine management scenarios, and includes in-depth knowledge of physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology and nursing care.

The book contains 21 practical case studies, each with bullet points, a case history and self-test questions with answers. A huge variety of conditions are covered, from Alzheimer’s disease and asthma to hypertension and osteoporosis, making this the perfect tool to help nurses learn about effective medicine management and test their understanding of essential drug groups.

This book’s modest title – it is actually about more than just medicine management – belies its usefulness and accessibility. An essential reference for all healthcare professionals, it presents a wealth of knowledge in compact form, and prepares the reader to deal with the challenges of medicine management in a modern healthcare system. This is an inspiring work companion that I cannot recommend highly enough.

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