Managing Pain in Children: A Clinical Guide for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals– Second edition

The first edition of this book has long been regarded as a seminal text by those who care for children with acute pain. This second edition, again edited by internationally renowned clinicians, is a valuable update.

Children are not ‘little adults’, yet despite readily available evidence to guide paediatric practice, pain management in children is often suboptimal. This book provides the evidence in an easily accessible format that should enable all clinicians to initiate excellent pain management in children.

Eye-catching boxes are used to draw attention to definitions, additional information, practice points and (perhaps most usefully) misconceptions and evidence.

The text progresses from why pain management in children matters through to anatomy and physiology, biopsychosocial implications of pain, pharmacology of analgesics, physical and psychological methods of pain relief, pain assessment, management of acute and chronic pain, and palliative care. The thought-provoking final chapter suggests research and education strategies to improve gaps in knowledge.

An essential resource for those who care for children, this book is also useful for those of us who are not trained in paediatrics but who see children in our practice.

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