The Man Who Didn’t Go To Newcastle

Alison Clink is well known as a short story writer but this book is a poignant and moving memoir written in tribute to her late brother, Adrian.

In 2007, Adrian was diagnosed with lung cancer and given a year to live. Sadly, that year was cut short due to a battle with Clostridium difficile and a heart attack, showing how cruel life can be when it gives with one hand and takes away with the other in such a short space of time.

The book details the relationship between Alison and her brother, and how that was tested as his condition deteriorated. Alison’s love for her brother shines through as memories of a childhood in London are evoked, and the reader is taken on a heart-warming and heartbreaking journey of love and loss.

The impact on Alison’s life following Adrian’s diagnosis is also explored. As his next of kin, Alison’s life goes from caring for her family and enjoying her job to coping with endless paperwork, navigating the political minefield of care and planning for end of life, a funeral, and life after Adrian.

Life with cancer is portrayed in a moving and honest way, and the book is a meaningful and rewarding read for anyone who is supporting a loved one through a terminal illness.

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