History of Medicine: All That Matters

Many books that tackle the history of medicine are heavy, dry, academic tomes. This book is different in that it has a very engaging and light hearted, almost irreverent, tone.

Rather than being dragged along, the reader is taken on a journey by a knowledgeable guide through what could have been a difficult subject.

Although a short book, it covers an enormous subject and contains a wealth of information. The various ‘ages’ of medicine are discussed, highlighting the major aspects of each period. Consideration is given to all the major advances in medicine and health care, as you might expect, including the development of the NHS and the current developments in modern health care.

Some of the chapter titles demonstrate the approach taken, such as ‘the age of blood, bodies and battles’, ‘the age of medicine women’ and ‘the age of social medicine and diversification’.

The end of the book has a tongue-in-cheek list of 100 facts relating to the book’s subject, including ‘five examples of medicine on screen’, ‘five types of nurse’ and ‘10 facts about medicine and art’.

This is a fascinating book that is designed to make the subject enjoyable. It succeeds, and I highly recommended it.

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