Fundamentals of Nursing Models, Theories and Practice

Being able to understand how nursing models and theories were developed, and acquiring the skills to evaluate them, enables students to consider the validity of these for application in practice.

The second edition of this book includes updated research on applying models and theories during nursing placements. It takes the reader from learning to applying in logical steps, from selecting a suitable model to the criteria for theory description and evaluation.

It is user-friendly and visually engaging, with colour codes for different chapters, and the learning outcomes, key concepts and revision points to remember are highlighted throughout. Illustrations and tables help clarify some of the more complex ideas.

The authors provide reflection activities after each chapter to enhance the knowledge that readers will gain. There are references for good seminal and current texts following every chapter.

There is also a digital element, with readers encouraged to test their understanding of the material through quizzes and case studies via a companion website. An interactive e-text version of this book also allows users to search for specific sections, make notes and highlight text.

This book could be a must-have for newly qualified and registered nurses as well as nursing students.

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