The Forgiveness Project – stories for a vengeful age

An enriching and inspiring read, this book is full of personal tales that illuminate the power of forgiveness.

Author Marina Cantacuzino approaches the book from her early experiences as a journalist in Iraq, compiling the recollections of people who lived through violence. These moving accounts, some of which are almost too painful to read, tell of finding redemption through forgiveness.

The voices of 41 people are heard, from victims of sexual abuse, racism and Nazism to those who have lost loved ones to murder, terrorism or political oppression. Their profound humanity shines through the bitter stories.

I work with nurses who have been abused at work, and one thing that inhibits their healing is the deeply held resentment of what others have done to them. The guidance provided in this book on how to forgive could be of great benefit to nurses.

As the author points out, forgiveness is not just for the religious, nor is it something that can be instantly wished up. It has to be approached patiently when the time is right. It is not a matter of pretending that the original abuse or suffering does not matter either, but of getting free of it and living life to the full again.

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